With more than 4,000 banks globally, receive responses
in roughly 48 hours

Bank Confirmations

Getting bank confirmation responses is a central element of the audit process. Manage the process within this all-in-one solution using these features and tools:

  • Validated responders – Access thousands of validated banks and financial institutions or utilize the built-in address lookup feature to help verify the mailing address.
  • Fast responses – Average turnaround of 48 hours for In-Network requests.
  • Rapid query resolution – Follow-up with the bank directly through the system quickly and easily.
  • Track all your requests – We also fulfill paper confirmations, allowing you to track all requests in one place.
  • Upload data – Upload client account details; eliminating mail merge headaches.

How Online Audit Confirmations Improve the Audit Process

Various CPAs, including our President & Founder Brian Fox, CPA, discuss the efficiencies of online audit confirmations.


In-Network Bank Confirmations (Individual Balances)

Access thousands of validated banks that respond electronically for balance and arrangement information in a matter of days compared to weeks and months. Confirmation types include: Asset, Liability, Alternative Investment, Bond Issue, Commercial Real Estate, Cutoff Statement, Derivatives, Escrow Account, Letter of Credit, Line of Credit, Money Market Fund, Obligation to Lessor, Safe Deposit, Securities, Signature Card, and more.

In-network Individual Confirmation



In-Network Bank Confirmations (Consolidated)

For some banks, you can request a full search across multiple departments and systems with only a main account number for an entity. The bank will confirm all balances and arrangements in respect of that entity.

In-Network Consolidated Confirmation



Out-of-Network Bank Confirmations

Electronic–Simplifies the process of sending and collecting responses by allowing you to conveniently manage the process within the system.

Out-of-network Electronic Confirmation


Paper-based–Allows you to easily fulfill paper requests within the same powerful system. Submit your request and we’ll take it from there. Responses are returned to the address on file within

Out-of-network Paper Confirmation

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There are other tasks in an audit that are complex and hard to manage, getting cash confirmations back from a bank should not be one of them.
Craig Erickson, CPA
Audit Partner | Wiss & Company, LLP Accountants and Consultants



One platform for all your audit confirmations

Auditors send millions of requests worldwide to their clients' banks, law firms and suppliers. Online confirmations make this process simple.

  • Access our server from anywhere
  • Protect your clients against fraud
  • Receive fast turnarounds on confirmations
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Access our server from anywhere
  • Protect your clients agains fraud
  • Receive fast turnarounds on confirmations
  • Confirmation types
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