Commercial Credit Inquires

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Credit Inquires

Commercial credit inquiries are requests for information sent by business credit managers with the purpose of verifying certain aspects of a commercial account to establish the credit valuation of the client before the business extends terms on a sale. Some requests include but are not limited to:

  • Verification of account type (checking, loan) 
  • Balance in relative terms (low, moderate, high) 
  • Opening date 
  • Number of days overdrawn offers commercial credit inquiry requests

Businesses use to expedite the traditionally slow, manual process and to provide a seamlessly quick online experience.’s automated process standardizes requests and archives responses electronically, while allowing financial institutions to comply with regulatory standards and increase productivity.

Additional benefits include:

  • Large financial institution network
  • Multi-user access to clients within your organization
  • Increased efficiency
  • Digital client authorization
  • Extensive reporting capabilities

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