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Simplify sending confirmations to employee benefit plan participants

Increase response rates and simplify the process for greater success

Obtaining confirmation responses from plan participants is one of the biggest industry challenges during an Employee Benefit Plan (EBP) audit, though doing so remains a best practice recommended by the US Department of Labor and AICPA standards.

Confirmation.com’s online platform streamlines the way you gather data, initiate requests and receive responses for your EBP audits, plus the benefit of accurately tracking and reporting on the results.

Use our platform’s EBP features to:

  • Track confirmations with speed and ease – Consolidate the entire process from start to finish in one master control log with the ability to track and follow-up on all requests in one place.
  • Improve response rates – Automate email reminders for electronic requests, reinitiate follow-ups and provide an electronic response option for mailed requests and verify physical mailing addresses for free to reduce the number of failed deliveries.
  • Eliminate the tedious process of single form preparation – Batch upload up to 500 participants at once with numerous data field choices including participant address, contribution percentage, load balance, hire date and more.
  • Securely send and receive electronically or by mail – Send requests and receive responses through you and your participant’s preferred method, whether electronically through our secure server and online system, or mailed with a tracking number and paper ID for an instantaneous electronic response.

EBP Starter Kit

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EBP Starter Kit

EBP Confirmations

Electronic–Simplifies the process of sending and collecting participant responses by allowing you to conveniently manage the process within the system.

Out-of-network Electronic Confirmation

Paper-based–Allows you to easily fulfill paper requests within the same powerful system. Submit your request and we’ll take it from there. Responses are returned to the address on file within Confirmation.com, or responders can reply electronically directly through the system.

Out-of-network Paper Confirmation

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  • Access our server from anywhere
  • Protect your clients agains fraud
  • Receive fast turnarounds on confirmations
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