Streamline letter preparation, quickly get client approvals,
and track lawyer updates

Legal Responders

Legal Confirmations

Obtaining legal confirmations is a highly inefficient and time-consuming process. Simplify the task of managing legal confirmations, from preparing letters, obtaining client approvals, tracking lawyer responses, and receiving documented updates. Access validated law firms that respond electronically, supporting faster and more reliable legal confirmations. Manage the process with this all-in-one solution.



  • Efficient request preparation 
  • Tailor request form 
  • Quickly obtain client authorization 
  • Reduce law firm follow-up 

Noções básicas dos riscos de confirmações de auditoria

This paper discusses the shared risks between both accounting and legal professionals as well as reviewing ways to minimize them for your firm. Download the whitepaper to learn more about the risks associated with legal confirmations during the audit confirmation process.

Download the white paper here

Legal White Paper - Understanding Audit Confirmation Risks

One platform for all your audit confirmations

Auditors send millions of requests worldwide to their clients' banks, law firms and suppliers. Online confirmations make this process simple.

  • Access our server from anywhere
  • Protect your clients against fraud
  • Receive fast turnarounds on confirmations
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Access our server from anywhere
  • Protect your clients agains fraud
  • Receive fast turnarounds on confirmations
  • Confirmation types
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